Yatsurugi is a Tokusatsu TV-show that is broadcast in the Chiba Local TV Station from 2011.
The characters and stories are based on real traditions from Kisarazu. All of the videos are shot in the local areas.
In Japan, this style of Tokusatsu is known as the “Local Hero” , and is spreading all over the nation.
Yatsurugi is well known for its exciting action scenes and beautiful computer graphics.
The quality of the show is recognized by all of the viewers.

Periodically, events are held in Chiba, where Yatsurugi works to promote the local community and industries.
From these activities, Yatsurugi became a popular character in Chiba.
And in 2014, Yatsurugi was screened in a theater.

By producing Tokusatsu films and events, we are providing hopes and dreams to the children who've suffered from the earthquake disaster in 2011.
The slogan is "I'll show you my Kisarazu Spirit!!"



He is a captain of the soccer team called “Bousou Rovers” with a passionate personality. With the help of the god Yatsurugi, who has protected Kisarazu since mythical times, he transforms into the warrior of justice “Houjin Yatsurugi”.


She is an equipment manager of the soccer team “Bousou Rovers”. She always supports everyone with a warm heart, and from the with to save her friends, she transforms into “Tenjin Kisara”.


He is a sponsor and also a player of the soccer team “Bousou Rovers”. He secretly developed a powered exoskeleton in his company to fight evils, transforming into “Koujin Gaion”.


She is a mascot girl in “Bousou Rovers”. As a wish to save her friends like Mari, she transforms into “Tenjin Mini Kisara” and cheers Yatsurugi and everyone.


An advertising model of Kaito’s company “Shishidou Solution”. She is a girl who being as a leader of the cheering squad of “Bousou Rovers”, and also she transforms into “Senjin Elna” and fights brilliantly.



He is one of the members of the “NEO Akuyaku party” and the leader of the “BOSO Union”. He prefers baseball more than soccer, so he regards Yatsurugi and his friends as an enemy.


He is one of the members of “NEO Akuyaku party” and the executive of the “Kyoukai Empire”. He has an extremely free-spirited personality so nobody can stop him.


He is one of the members of the “NEO Akuyaku party” and the leader of “The Poker Group”. He looks scary but he is a food lover and mischievous.


He is a super genius scientist who plotting the reign of evil. With his clever thinking, he developed a machine that can revive all monsters. He unites the “NEO Akuyaku party” and makes Yatsurugi and his friends suffer.


She is a loyal and competent secretary to Dr. Hubble who has a groovy and exciting personality. Very bitter on anyone but Dr. Hubble.

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